As a health coach, I offer a variety of services, but my primary focus is on one-on-one health coaching.  Here you will find a description of those services as well as the associated fee.

One-on-One Coaching

Single Appointment: The primary purpose of a health coach is to help you take the information you already have (diagnoses, diet plans from your doctor or health practitioner, etc) and make it work practically for you (Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or other primary care provider. I do not diagnose conditions or prescribe treatments. Additionally, I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist, and do not provide “nutritional counseling.” My services are informational in nature, and I cannot prescribe nutritional protocols, medications, or supplements. As such, I also do not bill to insurance).  An initial consult will discuss what your goals and concerns are, and what some initial steps might be to make them more tangible. This can include meal planning, farmers market and or grocery store tours, discussion of how to ask better questions of your practitioner, tips for getting family members on board (especially children!), and so on.  Appointments can be in person, or via phone or Skype.  My current rate for a 90 minute appointment is $90.00  This rate includes 1 phone call of up to 20 minutes for additional help, as well as 2 hrs of additional help by email, including any research time for accruing necessary information.  We can continue, at your discretion, on an appointment-by-appointment basis, or…

3-Month Coaching Contract: This arrangement involves 6 appointments, 90 minutes in length, every other week. It also includes 12 follow up phone calls of up to 20 minutes in length (if needed), and 3 hours of assistance by email / additional research.  This will also include a 7″ Android tablet after payment in full, already loaded with useful apps for tracking your goals. The charge for a 3-month contract is $450.00

6-Month Coaching Contract: Like the 3-month option, this includes one appointment every other week (12 total), as well as email support, phone support (one  call per week of up to 20 minutes), and assistance finding hard-to-source ingredients, supplements, or other items recommended by your practitioner. The six month program also includes the  free tablet after payment in full, as well as free admission to all KTL Wellness workshops and webinars within the working year (one year from the start date of the contract). The cost for a 6-month coaching agreement is $900.00

Workshops and Webinars- all webinars are $25.00 per participant and will range around 1 hour in length.  Workshop prices vary depending on length & attendance, you may call the number below or email ktlwellness (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.


Hidden Signs of Gluten Intolerance and Food Allergies

Restricted Diets and Healing Protocols – Is One Right For You?

Start Strong, Finish Strong (Ensuring Success on a Restricted Diet)

Navigating the Holidays with Food Intolerance (Appropriate for Guests and Hosts)

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

Fighting Illness Naturally: Key Steps to Boosting Your Immune System

Is Your Church/Community Group Ready for Gluten-Free Guests?

Eating for Mood and Mental Health

Holiday Sweets & Treats – Enjoying Holiday Favorites on a Restricted Diet (Requires Kitchen)

Cooking with Real Food 101 – Beginners’ Steps to Eat Better & Save Time, Too! (Requires Kitchen)

Cooking with Real Food 102 – Going Grain-Free: Recipe Adaptation, Tips & Tricks (Requires Kitchen)

*More topics continually being added.

Other Services: Kitchen 101

Farmers Market Tours –  Learn what questions to ask the farmers, what is involved in growing or raising your produce and meats, budget saving tips, and more. $25

*Grocery Store Tours – Similar to farmers market tours, I will walk through your local grocery store with you and show you how to shop form your new dietary perspective.

*Pantry Rescue – I will survey your pantry / food storage with you, reading through ingredients with you, and pointing out what doesn’t fit with your new plan. I will provide options and recipes for satisfying replacements, as well as printed resource lists and budget-saving tips. Half and full day options available.

*Prices for these services vary according to distance traveled.

Legal Disclaimer (again): I am not a doctor or medical practitioner and do not diagnose, prescribe for, or treat medical conditions. Any dietary information provided by me is for informational purposes only. I provide overviews as well as answer questions you can ask regarding various diets/protocols/eating plans. I do not advocate particular plans or give medical dietary advice.


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